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.. The other guy who is not so boring but can offer you entertainment, fun, excitement, tension and emotions. (How.


The other guy who is not so boring but can offer you entertainment, fun, excitement, tension and emotions. (How you become this guy in the chat, more about that later …)

And that usually happens because men usually just exchange information factually and logically.

I would say the usual. Meeting friends, going to fitness occasionally and partying. But I’m not the super crazy party queen. How about you?

Yes similar. Don’t have to go away all the time, but now and again. Otherwise I still play soccer in the club and started playing guitar a year ago. Do you want to meet someday?

How to create emotions and make the Tinder Chat exciting and entertaining, more on that later.

If you combine this boring, matter-of-fact sober exchange of information with an insecure and needy writing style, then at the latest that is the death sentence in Tinder Chat.

Because an attractive, desirable, great man is not in need, but exactly the opposite: He goes his way confidently, independently and confidently and does not depend on the confirmation of a strange woman. He is content and balanced and leads a fulfilling life, which would make a wonderful addition to women, but he does not NEED them to feel good.

When you exude neediness in chat, you are signaling to the woman that you don’t seem to be the great, self-confident and independent man she wants.

Therefore, you should always make sure not to appear insecure and needy in Tinder Chat.

Before we of course show you exactly how you should write in chat instead, you should always be aware of this behavior. So that you get a better feeling in your own Tinder chats whether you may come across as needy and insecure.

But topics that are too deep and complex have no place in the chat and you should definitely save them for real life.

And when they see such huge blocks of text, they often don’t feel like reading it at all. (Let alone come up with an answer.)

Therefore, make it as easy as possible for her to reply by usually keeping your messages short and concise.

(Of course that is not set in stone and of course you can send one or the other a little longer text, especially if they do too. But in general you should make sure that your messages are short and crisp when talking on Tinder hold.

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